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Other local meetings in South-east London

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Online Quakers

  • Online Quakers
    Quaker forum, with guest access, ‘linking Friends in the wider Quaker community’

Other Quaker groups

  • Quaker groups
    List of groups with the status of ‘Quaker recognised bodies’ (formerly ‘listed informal groups’)

Central departments within BYM

Quaker 'green' concerns

Books, pamphlets

Journals, magazines, newsletters

  • The Friend
    Independent weekly journal in print and online versions
  • Quaker News
    Quarterly newsletter available online
  • Quaker Voices
    New magazine published by Quaker Life on Quaker topics, replacing Quaker Monthly
  • more …
    Additional newsletters and journals


Research resources

  • Digital Quaker Collection (Earlham School of Religion): early/classic Quaker writings, listed here

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For general questions about Quakerism, please follow the Britain Yearly Meeting or Quaker Quest links above or email outreach%#quaker.org.uk 

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