Informal groups

Meeting room







Blackheath Quaker Meeting House was designed by Trevor Dannatt and opened in 1972. It is believed to be the only Quaker Meeting House in Britain built in the concrete ‘brutalist’ style. It won awards from the Concrete Society and the Civic Trust.

Quaker spiritual practice

The bedrock of the Quaker way is the silent meeting for worship. We seek a communal gathered stillness, where we can be open to inspiration from the Spirit of God. During our meetings for worship some may feel moved to speak: something anyone can do, as all are considered equal. Meetings can be held anywhere, at any time, although they are often on Sundays in our Quaker meeting houses.

Quaker communities

Quakers meet together for worship and other activities in local and area meetings. These are inclusive and open to all. In our meetings we hope to find acceptance, support, challenge, practical help and a sense of belonging. Our sense of community does not depend on professing identical beliefs, but from worshipping, sharing and working together.

Activities at Blackheath include spiritual creative writing, creative listening, book clubs, walks, picnics, and events with guest speakers.