Latest News

Meeting House Closes (14/01/21)
The Meeting House has closed again as a precaution during the pandemic. We will re-open as soon as it is reasonable to do so. In the meantime, we welcome Friends and visitors to our online Meetings for  Worship on Sunday from 10.30 to 11.30 and on Wednesday from 19.30 to 20.00. Contact us if for more information. 

Study groups resume (4/12/20)
We are delighted to have a new series of discussion meetings underway. The sessions take place on Zoom on Monday evenings from 7.30 and last between an hour/an hour and a quarter. 

Deaths of Friends 
We record with great sadness the death of our Friend Jean Edwards on 27 November 2020. Anyone who would like to be in touch with Jean’s brother should contact us via the meeting email or Margaret Cummins who has his contact details.

Jean Edwards cropped
Jean Edwards

We also record the deaths of our Friends Muriel Seltman, Anita Whitfield and Dave Sharman earlier this year. 

DSCF3547 Muriel warmer colour
Muriel Seltman