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about usBlackheath Quakers

The bedrock of the Quaker way is the silent meeting for worship. We seek a communal gathered stillness, where we can be open to inspiration from the spirit of God. During our meetings for worship, some may feel moved to speak. Anyone can speak as all are considered equal. Meetings can be held anywhere, at any time, although they are often on Sundays in our Quaker meeting houses. To learn more, see Getting ready for Quaker worship.

Welcome to Blackheath Meeting

This 22-minute video introduces our Meeting and aspects of Quakers.

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Our worship and other activities in local and area meetings are inclusive and open to all. In our meetings we hope to find acceptance, support, challenge, practical help and a sense of belonging. Our sense of community does not depend on professing identical beliefs, but from worshiping, sharing and working together. Quakers have no priests or ministers and members fulfill all the roles needed for the spiritual and day to day life of the meeting.  

In Blackheath, we are a group of more than 50 people who meet every week for silent worship. Guided by the light that is in us all, we seek to put faith into action through the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, truth, equality and peace. Newcomers are welcome, whether they are curious, questioning, on a spiritual journey or just visiting. Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday from 10.30 to 11.30am, followed by refreshments and friendly conversation. The Meeting House is on Lawn Terrace, Blackheath, SE3 9LL.

Other activities at Blackheath Quaker Meeting include discussion groups, spiritual creative writing, creative listening, book clubs, walks, picnics, and weekends away as a Meeting or with other Quaker Meetings in the area. We also organise events to highlight our concerns, such as climate change, the environment, poverty and human rights. 

Blackheath Quaker Meeting is a member of South East Area Quaker Meeting. Other members are Bromley Quaker Meeting, Forest Hill Quaker Meeting, and Peckham and Plumstead Common Quaker Meeting. 

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